11th English 2nd Revision Test Model Question & Answer Key 2022

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According to government order, 11th standard didn’t have 2nd revision test . Only 10th and 12th standard have the 2nd revision test on 28th of march. But, now the CEOs are decided to conduct exams for 11th standard also to improve their study skill. Every district CEOs prepare the question paper and conduct it.

Unit – 1

  • Prose (The Portrait of a lady)
  • Poem (Once Upon a time)
  • supplementary (After twenty years)

Unit -2

  • Prose (The Queen of Boxing)
  • Poem (Confessions of a born spectator)
  • Supplementary (A short in the dark)

Unit -3

  • Prose (Forgetting)
  • Poem (Lines written in the early spring)
  • Supplementary (The first patient)

Unit – 4

  • Prose (Tight corners)
  • Poem (Macavity – The mystery cat)
  • Supplementary (With the Photographer)

Unit – 5

  • Prose (The convocation address)
  • Poem (Everest is not the only peak)
  • supplementary (The singing lesson)

Unit – 6

  • Prose (The Accident tourist)
  • Poem (The hollow Crown)
  • Supplementary (The never never nest)
11th English 2nd Revision Question and Answer Key 2022
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11th English Second Revision Question & Answer Key
11th English Revision Test Question and Answer Key 2022

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