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According to government order, second revision test for 10th std will be start on 28th of march 2022 and end on 4th of the april. The english exam will be conduct on 29th of the march. We had already uploaded the model question papers for revision test. It will be useful to revise and the important questions also uploaded in our website.

The syllabus of 10th english for second revision test 2022

  • Unit – 3
    • Prose (Empowered Women Navigating the World)
    • Poem (I am Every Women)
    • Grammar – Tenses
  • Unit – 4
    • Prose (The Attic)
    • Grammar
      • Phrases and clauses
      • Conjunctions
      • Nominalisation

We will upload the answer keys within 4 to 5 hours and soon we will upload all the model question papers for second revision test. This question papers may be useful for your public exam too. we had almost given all the important questions in our model question papers. Use it as your model and give best in your exams.

10th English 2nd Revision Test Question Paper & Answer Key 2022
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10th English 2nd Revision Question & Answer Key
10th English Revision Test Question Paper March 2022

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